Terms and conditions

Contracts negotiated away from business premises

The purchasing conditions - general provisions
The following Internet site named "Site" owned by the company named below "CmmiStore". It contains the catalog of products marketed by them for the sale.
The Web site and the material contained herein is not an offer to the public, but used only a simple invitation to offer.
Any purchase order for any product submitted to. through the Site by any potential customer hereinafter referred to as "Customer", it constitutes a contract proposal to the customer and therefore will be considered an actual order from. only if, and when, by the same will be confirmed for acceptance.
For clarity, in accordance with art. 5 of Legislative Decree no. 22 May 1999. 185, it defines customer (qualified as a "consumer" under article 1 letter b of the decree and not "dealer" or "Company"), the person acting for purposes not related to their professional activity).
After sending the customer's proposal, the. send via the Internet an acknowledgment of receipt of the proposed order itself and information documents provided for in Article 4 of Legislative Decree 22 May 1999 n. 185 implementation of Directive 97/7 / EC on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts.
The. will then to accept the proposals of order only after verifying the completeness and correctness of the proposal itself and the availability of products in order.
In case of acceptance of the proposed order, the. will transform the same in order bringing the word "confirmed" at the order by e-mail.
After confirmation, the company is committed to fulfill the order in the required timeframes that are normally quantified in a few days unless impediments of force majeure.
The. We reserve the right not to accept orders incomplete or not properly completed.
In case of failure to execute the order by., The same will soon inform the customer by e-mail.
The tax records relating to the sale will be issued. at the time of shipment. All shipments are traveling with an invoice.
The contract will be considered concluded when a payment is made the customer will come into possession of the products ordered.
It is recalled that article 5 provides that the consumer can exercise the right of withdrawal in accordance with the law and in the manner specified in this website.